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PureTreeⓇ Adjustable Organic Shredded Natural Latex Pillow

Pure Materials. Pure Comfort.
PureTreeⓇ pillows are stuffed with a special blend of high quality USDA Certified Organic Natural Latex USDA Certificate No: CU 866986NOP-01.2022 and GOLS-certified organic latex S-01.2021, NGLC, Thai Manufacturer, made from sap tapped from Para rubber trees. Organic natural latex fill are not all the same--as different companies have different recipes, baking process, and produce different density of latex. After extensive research, PureTree's choice of organic latex fill is what we believe as the best, most comfortable fill for sleeping.
The 100% organic cotton zippered inner case is designed so customers can adjust the amount of fill to their loft preference. The 100% organic cotton material for the outer casing is especially picked for its smoothness, luxurious feel, and super comfortable to the touch.



Supportive for Head & Neck: Organic latex has a resiliency similar to memory foam that can support the head and neck, and doesn't go flat the way poly-fill, cotton, and feathers do.

Organic Natural Materials: USDA Certified Organic Latex Certificate# CU 866986NOP-01.2022 and GOLS Certificate# c871187GOLS-01.2021 NGLC, Thailand  (made from sap harvested from rubber trees). GOTS Organic Cotton cover and liner Certificate# CU1091577GOTS-2021-0028292

Double Zipper/Adjustable Fill: PureTreeⓇ Pillows are designed with zippered inner lining to allow customers to adjust the fill to their preference for soft, medium, hard.

Machine Washable: Wash the outer cover by itself or wash the entire pillow  zipped up in zippered garment bag, preferably in a HE Washer with no agitator, in cold water gentle cycle. Tumble Dry Low.

Anti-microbial, Dust Mite & Mildew Resistant: Unlike cotton and feather pillows that can harbor dust mites and grow mold over time, the inherent qualities of natural latex prohibit the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and other organisms, making organic natural latex pillows hypo-allergenic.

Durable: latex pillows are more durable, resilient, and retain their shape and bounce very well without having to fluff them every night.

Voted Best Breathable Latex Pillow: Sleep foundation awarded PureTreeⓇ pillows as best most breathable latex pillow! PureTree pillows are stuffed with shredded organic latex pieces of different sizes to promote greater air circulation to prevent trapping of heat.


100% Organic Cotton (Cover)

100% Organic Cotton (Lining)

100% Organic Latex (Filling)

Nothing else.


Queen/Standard Dimensions & Weight: 18" x 28"; 4.5lbs

King Dimensions: 18" x 36"; 5.5lb.

Care: Machine wash cold in zippered large garment bag in HE Washer with no agitator. Tumble dry low.


We stand behind our high quality materials and good workmanship. Quality assurance with 3 year warranty.

We know you will love our PureTree pillow! Try it out risk free. We honor 30 day no hassle returns.


People with allergies to latex should not use this product.

Not recommended for children five or under. Please do not let small children play with filling to prevent accidental ingestion.


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