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PureTree "USDA Certified Organic Latex" Mattress 10 Inch


Pure Materials. Pure Comfort.

Sleep with a peace of mind with PureTree "USDA Certified Organic Latex" Mattress, built with the best, cleanest materials. Customize and tailor fit your perfect most comfortable PureTree mattress with adjustable density layers.
Built with quality and craftsmanship, we know you will love PureTree mattress. Try it risk free today with our 100 night trial period!

Comfortable & Supportive

The unique resilience of organic natural latex mattress is super comfortable and supportive for your back. Crafted with an adjustable firmness, PureTree resilient, organic latex will adapt to your shape and position for optimal body support whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach.

Customizable Firmness Layers

PureTree Organic Latex Mattress Customizable Layers
Customize and build a PureTree mattress tailored to you.
PureTree organic latex mattress features a zippered organic cotton and organic wool quilted mattress casing. Choose your favorite firmness for the three inner layers of organic 3" latex foam that can be rearranged according to your sleep preference.
In general, for side sleepers, we recommend a soft/medium combination. For back and stomach sleepers, we recommend a medium/firm or firm/extra firm combination. However, you know your body best, so pick what suits you best.

Certified Organic Latex

Certified Organic Latex Para Rubber Trees
USDA Certified Organic Latex
USDA Certificate No: C813274NOP-01.2021
GOLS Certified Organic Latex
GOLS Certification No. C813274GOLS-02.2021, LG, Sri Lanka)

We source USDA and GOLS certified organic natural latex harvested from the Para Tree for unmatched quality and comfort. The farming and production process is certified organic therefore producing the purest, most natural latex in the world.

GOTS Organic Cotton & Organic Wool Cover

GOTS Organic Cotton

PureTree mattress features a quilted GOTS certified organic cotton and organic wool zippered encasement cover for ultimate softness. Organic wool cover provides a natural fire barrier for the mattress and encloses all the individual organic latex layers.

Durable Dunlop

Organic Dunlop Latex
Holding its shape and quality over time, PureTree mattresses are composed of dunlop organic latex layers. Made via dunlop process, PureTree organic latex layers have less air whipped in during the manufacturing process therefore providing more support for the back compared to latex mattresses made via talalay process.

Carbon Neutralized Product

Carbon Neutralized Product PureTree Organic Latex Mattress
Certificate Number: C813274CU-ES-CN-01.2021
Organic latex layers that PureTree uses are environment friendly and are certified carbon neutralized product by Control Union Environmental Services. Organic latex are harvested from Para Rubber trees similar to how maple syrup are havested via tapping. The trees are not harmed and they continue to grow and can be reharvested for years to come.

Made in USA & 100+ Years Experience

made in usa organic mattress
Each mattress is carefully handcrafted and made to order. With more than 100 years of experience, the company of craft-makers are the next generations who are proud of their heritage and continue the tradition of quality and skilled trade. Rest assured, PureTree mattress will be delivered to customers with exceptional quality.

100 Day Trial Period & No Hassle Return

100 Day Free Trial
We are confident that you will love PureTree mattress. We offer a 100 day sleep trial period, so you can try out PureTree mattress stress free with no hassle return.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

At PureTree, we stand behind our high quality materials and skilled workmanship with a 10 year manufacturer’s limited warranty. PureTree's friendly customer care are here to assist you, so don't be shy to contact us.
* NOTE: People who are allergic to latex should not use this product.

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