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Unbiased And Comprehensive Pillow Research

SleepLikeTheDead ( is an unbiased and independent research site which focuses on sleep products. Since 2008, the site has millions of visitors and has become the #1 sleep products research site. Their findings have appeared in a variety of publications, including The Wall Street Journal, US News and World Report, Barron's, Chicago Tribune, USA Today (The Best), St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Toronto Star among many others.

Based on 49,910 Actual Consumer Experiences (as of March, 2017), Sleep Like The Dead has evaluated and rated 8 types of pillows on the market. Various factor related to pillows have been taken into account comprehensively in this research. We implemented a number system to translate their ABC ratings to easier quantify the findings. And it looks like Natural Latex is the top choice!

From the chart above, there are some lower ratings in certain aspects of latex pillows; however, PureTree’s natural shredded latex pillows already solve those problems:

Moldable & Scrunchable & Cuddly: PureTreeⓇ pillows are filled with special natural latex fill, not whole block of latex, so they are definitely very moldable, scrunchable, soft & cuddly! PureTreeⓇ pillows retain their shape very well without having to plump or reposition them every night. In addition, the double zippered case designs enable our customers to refill or take out the inside filling to adjust the loft at any time.

Machine-washable: PureTreeⓇ pillows are machine washable! Makes it much easier for cleaning your pillows. However, we do recommend washing in a HE machine and best to use a large garment bag.

Availability: PureTreeⓇ pillows are available anytime!

To better quantify the Sleep Like The Dead ratings, we assigned a number to each letter grade as follows:

A+=12, A=11, A-=10, B+=9, B=8, B-=7, C+=6, C=5, C-=4, D+=3, D=2, D-=1, E (below D-) =0

After calculation, adding all the numbers up, latex gets 131 points, which is #1! So sleeping on natural latex pillow is best via independent party research of 49,910 reviews.

Jen Reviews is an unbiased review blog that covers reviews on home, electronics, baby, health, and exercise topics. Jen Reviews did a study on all different types of pillows and her reviews can be found here: She did a comparison of memory foam vs latex foam pillows:

Memory foam pillows: You should stick with memory foam pillows if you’re looking for something that can adjust to your position throughout the night. Memory foam allows your head, neck, and shoulders to rest all night in the most natural position. And that means these pillows are self-adjusting.

However, based on certain studies, the chemical odor that memory foam pillows have might be harmful.  But there isn’t any definite study backing this description. If you’d like to be careful, using latex pillows may be a safer alternative. (2)

Latex pillows: Latex pillows are comparatively more breathable and snug. It’s a great solution for people who fall victim to hot flashes and hot sweats in the middle of the night. Another great benefit of latex pillows is that they offer excellent neck and shoulder support. They’re naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

Based on one study, the contour and stuffing of a latex pillow can support the head and neck to reduce cervical stiffness and arm pain. It works better than other types of pillows to reduce a waking headache and shoulder pain in subjects. (3)

Latex: Now, this is just like memory foam. The only difference is that latex is lighter with more breathability. Fillings of latex have a firm nature with a dust mite and mold resistant advantage. This means that people with allergies might fall in love with pillows that come with latex fillings. (4)

Latex foam pillow: Another ideal choice for moderate sleeping issues is latex foam pillows. They are comparatively firmer than their memory foam counterparts. And this is responsible for providing support that contours to the shape of your head and neck.


PureTreeⓇ is very proud of our US made, all natural, hypoallergenic, machine washable, adjustable and supportive shredded latex pillows to you. We wish you lots of good night sleep!

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