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PureTree USDA Certified Organic Natural Latex Pillow

Pure Materials. Pure Comfort.

100% organic latex.

100% organic cotton.

Nothing else.

Sleep with a peace of mind with PureTree USDA Certified organic latex pillow, built with the best, cleanest materials.

Experience the inviting softness of natural organic latex pillows designed for optimal support, airflow and comfort. PureTree source materials that are sustainably-harvested from bountiful natural resources and certified production processes.

Certified Organic Latex:

Certified Organic Latex Para Rubber Trees

USDA Certificate No: CU 866986NOP-01.2022

GOLS Certified Organic Latex

GOLS Certificate No: C871187GOLS-01.2021, NGLC, Thailand

We source USDA and GOLS certified organic natural latex harvested from the Para Tree for unmatched quality and comfort. The farming and production process is certified organic therefore producing the purest, most natural latex in the world. most natural latex in the world.

GOTS Organic Cotton

GOTS Organic Cotton


GOTS Certificate# CU1091577GOTS-2021-00028292

PureTree organic latex pillow features a washable zippered 100% GOTS certified organic pillow liner that provides a soft and smooth surface that forms perfectly against the underlying latex for ease of putting on and taking off your pillowcase,


Durable Dunlop Retains Shape

Organic Dunlop Latex

PureTree pillow's organic latex are made via dunlop process, which has less air whipped into the foam during the production process, compared to talalay latex, which creates a resiliency superior to memory foam and holds its shape and quality over time, and doe not go flat like how cotton and feather-filled pillows do.


Measurements & Density


Standard -- 23.5" x 16" x 5.5"

Queen -- 29" x 16" x 5.5"

King -- 36" x 16" x 5.5"

Kids -- 20" x 12" x 2.2"/2.75"

Firmness: Density 40±5 Medium Firmness


100 day trial period & No Hassle Return

100 Day Free Trial

We are confident that you will love PureTree pillow. We offer a 30 day sleep trial period, so you can try out PureTree mattress stress free with no hassle return.


Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

At PureTree, we stand behind our high quality materials and skilled workmanship with one year manufacturer’s warranty. PureTree's friendly customer care are here to assist you, so don't be shy to contact us.


* NOTE: People who are allergic to latex should not use this product.


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